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The tagua nut powder, produced in Taguaglobal is part of a circular economy, this begins with people who work in the collection of waste generated by the tagua button manufacturing industry, this waste, which for Taguaglobal is of great importance is usually going to be burned, in ovens for the manufacture of bricks, seriously affecting the environment.

Since 2014, thanks to a strategic partner who had the magnificent idea of using the waste to make tagua powder for the cosmetic industry, we have been working with people with limited economic resources, who carry out the cleaning, removing the brown bark until obtaining pieces of totally white irregular shapes, this is the basis of the quality process that the company delivers.

Nowadays, tagua is a material that is used in the manufacture of buttons, handicrafts and jewelry, the use of waste generated by these industries, we use for the grinding and manufacture of tagua powder for the cosmetic industry, we are making a sustainable process and biodegradable that collaborates with the sustainability of the ecosystem, reduces the pollution of rivers, oceans but also the circular economy of several Ecuadorians who make this process possible with the collection and cleaning of waste, improving their quality of life.

Thanks to the quality work of Taguaglobal, countries such as the USA, France, China and the United Kingdom have opened the doors to this industry, generating sources of employment for some 60 low-income families who are an important part of this company and this project of circular economic.

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Tagua Global created a project that has come to prioritize the importance of tagua waste as a source of income.

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What do you know about the tagua ?


Genus Aceraceae

Phytelephas Macrocarpa

Due to the origin today it is very common to be called: Phytelephas Aequatorialis by Ecuador.

Corozo or Coroso , Yarina, marfil vegetal, Mococha, chaapi, shishihe.


The tagua button industry is the one that most exploits tagua seeds, the artisanal sector of jewelry and handicrafts.

A tree takes 15 years to grow, from birth to maturity.


In the year 1865, the raw material was exported to Europe, it is in Italy where the button manufacturing process began.

In the year of 1914 when the Italian, Zanchi Pesenti arrives in Manta Ecuador and founded the first company to manufacture tagua buttons.

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