Ecuador is a small country, very rich due to its demographic characteristics and biodiversity of climatic zones, which give rise to unique plant species.  It is only a journey of hours to be able to move from the Amazon jungle to the Andes mountain range and end up on the Pacific coast, with wonderful natural landscapes.

The tagua, Corozo, is a native Amazonian plant limited to South American countries with tropical climates, in the western region, it is found in Manabí, Esmeraldas, Cotopaxi and the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The conditions for its good development are: Minimum annual average biotemperature 20.2 ºC. Maximum annual average biotemperature 25.5ºC. The climate in Ecuador is semi-humid and rainfall ranges between 500 and 2000 mm/year, there are two seasons.

The altitude at which the palm tree grows above sea level is: 1020-1800 meters.

The known name is Phytelephas, which derives from the Greek words: Phyt = plant and Elephas elephant, referring to the resemblance of the hardness and color of ivory.

The tagua seed is very hard, its hardness is 2.5 on the MOHS scale, with a white color and a little cream.

The main product in which the tagua nut is used is in buttons, handicrafts and jewelry made from tagua.

Tagua Nut Big

Tagua Nut Big
  • The tagua Nut big is 5,1 – 7 cm
  • We can load in 1 Container 20-Foot 21 ton.
  • 420 Bag x 50kg.

Tagua Nut Medium

tagua bag
  • The tagua Nut Medium is 3,5 – 5 cm
  • We can load in 1 Container 20-Foot 21 ton
  • 420 Bag x 50kg.
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